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Dear readers, there will no longer be new posts on this URL for’s blog. All posts have moved to:

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sixteenR.COM has a NEW LOOK!!!

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Finally Ladies and Gentlemen….we are proud to introduce to you the new and fabulously improved sixteenR.COM!!!! Please visit us online at and make sure to LIKE us on facebook:

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Behind the Scenes Video- sixteenR EnVogue Shoot

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Check out our behind the scenes:

Click here to watch the actual video:

Behind the Scenes- 16R Envogue shoot

16R Response to Comment “Beauty under hijab, not on top please”.

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Dear Readers,

Last night I received the below comment regarding what I am doing with and the blog. In this post I am sharing with you my response to the Commentator. Please always feel free to send over your thoughts.

❤ Nancy


Isn’t the hijab supposed to hide ones beauty rather than being a means to flaunt it. As this is obviously what you are doing. Yes beauty under the hijab not on top of it please.


Dear Commentator,

Thank you for visiting our blog.

The traditional interpretation of hijab is to tone down your beauty, tone done your power, and blend in so that you are one among many. Men in such society have since the beginning of time, have traditionally taken on the role of a primary bread earner. However, we live in a very different world now. Gone are the days of the passive woman from Jakarta to Dhaka, from Melbourne to Cairo, from Istanbul to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, more and more women are having to step outside their home and take on the challenges of today and tomorrow to supplement or in a lot of cases takeover the role of primary bread earner.

In the current global and political scape, I feel that Muslim women who choose to practice their religion, particularly practice wearing a headscarf, are placed at a disadvantage. Look at Turkey. Look at France. They have gone so far as to banning the hijab in their public institutions.

So that begs the question, how does the average Muslim women in a business world make herself stand out compared to her colleagues if she chooses to dress with a headscarf? Obviously she may choose not to wear a knee-length skirt or sleeveless dress, as do many women wear in modern working day society and rely on sheer meritocracy for advancement. One way to make herself stand out is by attenuating her headscarf, wear a scarf that presents her as beautiful, well-dressed, and strong- with no negative connotations. Something that does not put her in the background compared to her colleagues, but places her as a forerunner by making everyone around her respect her and feel her empowerment. Most important to make the Muslim woman feel empowered. This is true not only the business world, but also in the many other roles that women take on.

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Nancy Hoque scarves that empower.

16R Video: Behind the Scenes Fashion shoot- Yellow Depot Collection

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Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes of 16R’s first official fashion shoot with Model Rhianna Atwood! Yellow Depot Collection!!! Coming soon…

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watch the video:

16R Scarf and Hijab Styling Video

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Press play to enter a world of urban modest fashion. DO IT! All the hip kids are doing it.